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European Young ESCapists – Vaida’s Tenth Month

    Good things come to the girl who waits!

    Time has a unique quality to change its perception. Even though it always passes at the same pace, you may feel that sometimes it runs faster and sometimes just stops. May was the fastest month of all I have spent in Italy. Maybe because it was also the most beautiful one and I was enjoying every moment of it. May… It was remarked by short trips, by a bit more of freedom as well as events, family celebrations and preparation to go home.

    At the beginning of the month, me and my friend Sümeyye, had our first and last event dedicated for Europe Day. With the support of Beyond Borders, we had a presentation on that day. We, both volunteers, shared more about our countries and then we also had an involving quiz with fun facts about Europe. The main point of the event was a performance of the authentic song about Orta Nova. At the end of it, we also watched a short movie about our crazy adventures in Italy. Later on, at the end of the month, I had another event with Beyond Borders to present Erasmus activities. However, my flatmate had been already back in Turkey and sadly, we could not share this memory together.

    Despite the missed event, I along with Sümeyye didn’t miss a chance to travel together and before her flight back, we went together to Lucera. It’s an inspiring city, so I fell in love immediately. Fortunately, that was not the only one place I have visited in May. I also had a small tour around Foggia, an inspiring trip in Bari and Bitonto, my Italian family here took me Polignano a Mare and Alberobello. It was something you cannot describe. You have to see and fell it on your own. What I am sure of, is that you would like all of those cities. Anyway, the trip to Naples and Pompeii was also planned, but pushed to June.

    Other significant events in May? With my Italian family we have been watching Eurovision, voting for our favourites and… I became a witness of the victory of Italy! Furthermore, I had to fall in love with Italy even more, because it was the only one country, whose jury gave 12 points to Lithuania. From now, we claim Italy is our neighbour country and, who cares we do not share the border. The greatest event in May was the graduation fest of my Italian friend. Even though, I am more a friend of his mom and grandmother, the fact that the celebration was great does not change. He got the maximum points from his studies and we celebrated it to the maximum too. Of course, with all the restrictions.