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European Young ESCapists – Sumeyye’s Tenth Month

    Till now, I always mentioned about what i’m expecting from the upcoming months in Italy,

    So now, it’s really gonna be strange trying to write my article knowing that this is the last one.

    We all love stories, we like reading them and breathing in someone else’s mind and finding a different perspective even for one moment, of course, if we are lucky enough to be able to find a character to match ourselves in that story. This part of my life which I’ve spent in Orta Nova, maybe I’ve met with the ‘’me’’ version of myself and I am thankful to the people who helped me to make this journey smoother and unique.

    Contarly the previous ones, we were more busy with my colleague Vaida this month since we were asked to organize a Final Event for our project. The event, which was held as an online event, had to present some flashes from our experience while there were some aspects of the city, people and almost everything that is presenting “Orta Nova” . Me and Vaida, we decided to create a song and video clip. For the lyrics, we wrote what we think about Orta Nova and for the repetitive verses we asked people ’Actually, what is the meaning of being here for them?’. With the responses and our lyrics, we combined them and created the song. And for the videoclip, we took some small videos and selfies together. Luckily almost everyone wanted to take part in this video, and we had all the materials.

    For the event, we also prepared an online quiz-game, our country’s presentations, and many more things since we held the event on Europe Day. It was maybe my first online event that I was in the organizator part and this is why I’m so happy to learn and experience something during my last task.

    After the second week of May, since we already finished the final event, I decided to use my free days I didn’t use during my experience to see Italy when it’s ‘’Zona Gialla’’. After a hard goodbye to the people who became my family here, I planned a short trip to the north. I took the train from Foggia, said goodbye to the Puglia and opened my wings to Florence. After few days in Florence, i arranged an another trip to Milano for a couple of days. And finally on the last day of the month, i took the plane to my country.

    Now I’m sitting in my balcony and writing this article where i was sitting before i became a different ‘Süm’, and i cannot express enough my feelings about how im amazed by seeing this difference between previous and present presence of myself. I went to Italy as one person and now I came back with a lot of people to stay in contact during my life ahead. I should admit that it wasn’t the easiest choice when i decided to go to another country during pandemic, but i could also not be able to know that i’m gonna have the most interesting, well, unforgettable year in my life.

    Ending the article is not easy when you know that it has to be finished somewhere but your memories are just floating above your head. But, I also know whatever I write will not make me feel satisfied. I’m just thankful for all the moments I had and I will as long as they taught me the lessons which just can be learnt by heart. Exactly like the one, I learnt by being a volunteer.

    “Happily ever after.”