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European Young ESCapists – Sumeyye’s Eighth Month

    Should we go far to discover? Who knows!

    In the article I wrote for February, I talked about the excitement of the region’s transition from orange to yellow, and the desire to travel and the visits to a few towns and natural parks that we could squeeze into our volunteering activities. Without knowing that the freedom we gained this month, just like last month, will be taken away in the middle of the month, we continued to see and explore new places as much as we could and could see in Puglia. I think we’ve learned to strengthen our predictions now that we don’t need anyone to read fortune telling us. What a century but isn’t it? Anyway, I do not spoil my mood with such things, after all, I chose to volunteer in the pandemic, right?

    In fact, another topic I can list tons of sentences under this is to volunteer, volunteer in the pandemic, and volunteer during the pandemic in Italy. Maybe if I were in another country, it would not be so difficult, I wouldn’t stay at home, being a little beyond Napoli, a little north of Rome, Firenze, etc., unfortunately, is not a very facilitating factor for someone who went abroad for the first time. But, as I just said, I don’t get depressed with these. And I’d like to talk about what I’ve seen and done this month. For example, the ancient theater from Herdonia and the Roman period… A hidden treasure in another town, about ten minutes away from the town we are in. This small town, which is an ancient Roman city, still preserves its ancient amphitheater from that period, as well as its entrance and transportation. I can say that it was as easy as it shocked me at a time when even museums were closed. We entered from the garden of a house similar to a vineyard house, which can be reached from the center in three to four minutes by car, falling across the fields. We came across the owner of the dogs accompanying us while we were walking unsure. A young boy we met, probably living there, told us that dogs are friendly and are always protective of visitors and that we can reach the amphitheater a little further past the garden. As he said, the amphitheater welcomed us in all its splendor in a bed-like area hidden among the grass a few hundred meters later and overlooking the sun. Although years have passed, it is not possible for you not to feel yourself in the movie scene as soon as you see it. I remember, suddenly, the image of women in white clothes walking with glasses in their hands between the collapsed and unfinished walls came to life. It was as if all of us, myself included, were even going to watch tournaments. In the urban area, which was clearly a living space in the past, we also saw small well-like structures that I thought were used to keep drinks cold at that time. Even if I have no idea, there are tons of stones, grave-like structures that fascinate me even with its appearance and the way it remains as it is, and many more remains that I cannot elaborate. “Maybe I don’t necessarily need to go to other regions or north for new things?” was the question i made to myself that convinced me to take the route towards there. It is another matter that a place I suddenly decided to go to impressed me so much. Perhaps we really needed to start exploring, sometimes from the things that lie closest to us, standing at the tip of our noses.

    Who knows, maybe we haven’t been able to go any further because we haven’t discovered what’s on our noses before. Like I said, who knows, right? Perhaps the next month it will become the ‘Yellow Zone’ again, this time with the experience we have gained from seeing what is on the tip of our nose and with new lenses, we can better perceive things far away. Why not, Who knows?