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European Young ESCapists – Vaida’s Eighth Month

    ‘Everybody is an artist but only the artist knows it’ [Pierre Bismuth]

    This March, inspired by the country of arts and culture, I remembered the little artist living in me. My sleeping muses woke up to share a secret that has been revealed by Pierre Bismuth once, and unfortunately, all of us sometimes forget. We are all artists, more or less revealing our artistic talent, we hide this palette of creativity inside. All we have to do, is to pick it up sometimes. What inspired me to remember mine and how do I show it? The answers are here in this article.

    At the beginning of March, my dear flatmate and her boyfriend came up with an amazing idea! I didn’t even know that close to our city, at the edge of a little neighbour town Ordona, there is an ancient treasure – Herdonia. It is an ancient Roman city, or to be more accurate, the ruins of it. Together with travel buddies, we have decided to tour it. At the time, I have been walking during the sunset in this forgotten town, inspiration visited. It’s lived its day, went to spend the night under the ground and now is waking up again to show up itself for the people. Isn’t it a miracle?

    Therefore, inspired by the ancient history right in front of my eyes, at the touch of my fingertips, under my feet… I decided to wake up that sleeping artist in me too. After the months and months, I have finally taken the pencil and started to draw. Honestly, I have never had a soul of Picasso or Van Gogh, but love and art doesn’t have to be perfect, does it? So, I just drew. Nature and mountains, some funny characters and little icons. Everything that came to my mind. Next time, I hope my pencil will bring to
    live new landscapes.

    Nevertheless, this is not all my muses! Euterpe, the muse of music, also had to arouse, as the landlord brought me an electronic piano. My soul, resting in the silence for so long, started to sing, when my fingers touched the keyboard. Little by little, lazy hands had to wake up, sleeping head had to work again and numb heart had to sing. Right after the day I got the piano, I went to print some sheets and now my daily routine includes music breaks.
    This was my March, inspired by the ancient times and some forgotten hobbies that found me again. Maybe because of the spring, together with new hopes, new activities came to the routine. Now, who knows what April may bring?