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ESC Volunteers – Il primo mese di Alexandra e Wiktoria

    Today we want to share with you our first-month adventures as ESC volunteers in the charming town of Orta Nova. Throughout this month of our short-term project, we prepared a lot of necessary promotional materials, we organized Silesian dumpling-making workshops to show the traditional cuisine of our region, and we also had the opportunity to participate in a wonderful Italian pasta preparation workshop. A few days ago we visited a primary school and presented our country with a dance show and a song accompanied by a guitar.

    Our days were full of hard work and dedication as we worked diligently to prepare a series of engaging activities for local youth, and in the following month, we would devote time to sharing our passions, spending time together practising English, watching videos and playing educational games. What are our first impressions of our stay at Orta Nova and the hosting organization Beyond Borders? Let us tell you about it below.

    My name is Aleksandra and I decided to take part in the project to present my region – Silesia to the Italian community and to organize photography workshops on storytelling in photography. Before leaving for Italy, I already had an outline of a plan of activities that I would like to implement in order to share my passion and maybe even inspire others to take action. On a daily basis, I am a freelance photographer, and social media specialist and I teach French. I love being involved in activities and showing that we can do what we want by putting in the right amount of work, willingness and passion. The town itself is very charming, but the fact is that there is not much going on here. All the more I see the potential and strength in the project we are implementing and I am sure that it has a great impact on local youth. The exchange of perspectives, debates and conversations, even on ordinary topics, are extremely valuable because they allow you to improve our English and make new, international acquaintances. I rate the first month spent in Orta Nova very well, and the Italian sun at this time of year is an additional advantage.

    Hi, I’m Wiktoria and I’m 18 years old. After finishing school, I decided to take a break from my studies and embark on an amazing volunteer trip to the picturesque town of Orta Nova, Italy. Together with another Polish girl and girls from Turkey, our goal is not only to learn about the culture of the place, but also to get involved in the local community. My first contact with Orta Nova was a real surprise. This magical place is quite different from my hometown of Nisko. The charming streets, welcoming environment and people exuding warmth quickly made me feel like a second home. One of the most inspiring aspects of my volunteer work is the opportunity to connect with local youth. Together we work on projects, non-formal education and activities that develop overall self-awareness and a sense of being an integral part of the community.

    This month, together with other volunteers, we focused on intensive preparations for future events. We created educational materials, and organized workshops and debates to further engage the local community. Our meetings were not just work, but also an opportunity to exchange experiences and ideas.Also, during one of our trips together, we visited Stornara, a picturesque town next to Orta Nova. This place surprised me with the unique graffiti decorating the walls, creating a unique atmosphere of the place.
    During our free time from volunteering, we decided to visit the town of Barletta, located near Orta Nova. This place captivated me with its historical charm and unusual atmosphere. Walking along the seashore, I felt the warmth of the water, which was extremely surprising, especially in November. It’s definitely a different climate from the one I know from Poland.

    To conclude, we can definitely affirm that Beyond Borders has provided us with everything we need and is extremely helpful and caring. Thank you very much for such a warm welcome and care! We even feel like part of the local community.