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European Young ESCapists – Vaida’s Ninth Month

    Chocolate, painted or simple eggs? Easter bunny loves them all!

    It has happened more than once that I had to celebrate Christmas and New Year abroad but 
    Easter…? It was my first time celebrating it outside my country. With small package delays, with differently painted eggs and giant chocolate “Kinder” surprises, I met the colourful spring celebration in Italy. And I do not regret it!
    In Lithuania, we paint easter eggs just like orthodox and I haven’t imagined it might be different in the south. Once I have noticed that shops are not “rich” with Easter eggs paints and stickers, I have asked my mom to prepare a pack and it send it over to me so I could celebrate rebirth properly. The pack arrived one day after Easter. It meant all my promises to paint eggs together with my flatmate went to the wind.

    Even though, the Lithuanian celebration had to be postponed, I was blessed with a chance to experience Italian Easter. It was amazing! The plate of Benedetto, later agnello con cardoncelli, what to talk about common dishes and three different types of desserts. I thought we eat a lot in my country.
    But once I experienced Italian lunch, I had to change the idea. I was so full of delicious happiness. If we say that a road to heart goes through stomach, Italians are the masters of making you to fall in love.
    Also, a day before this spring holiday, our Italian father came with huge kinder surprises! Five times bigger than usual and so not common in my own country. A funny thing is that the toys me and my flatmate found inside the eggs were exactly same. Two singing kittens now stands on our table and remind about the need to celebrate with music. In addition to eggs, we both got “Kinder” chocolate
    bunnies from our friend Maria. Those were sweet and delicious!
    Still remember the pack which came from Lithuania too late? A week later we have like a little reflection of Easter, called “children’s Easter” and again we paint eggs on that day in Lithuania. Since my flatmate was away, I asked my Mensa friends if I could come there on Saturday and together with them paint eggs as we do in my country. They said “yes” and that was the most cheering “yes” I heard. Without proper equipment but with open hearts we made colourful and beautiful eggs.

    April was the month of spring fest. With chocolate, with simple, with painted eggs. Combining
    traditions from two different countries, this Easter became beautiful in its own unique way. It will probably never be repeated the same way but always remembered.

    Vaida Krikštaponytė