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European Young ESCapists – Sumeyye’s Ninth Month

    And the shining star of the red month! Easter!

    In the previous months, there were also some months that we spent the whole month in our homes because the region we were in was completely red, but I cannot deny the fact that this month was the most delicious ”red moon” after Christmas. As a person like me, where the holidays in her country are a bit more “plain” than here, I had a hard time keeping my eyes peeled when I saw the “Easter eggs” lined up in the middle of the markets.

    Again, just like Christmas, there was an excitement and preparation atmosphere in the conversation of people walking on the streets, in the market, in the rhythm of the conversations. I had never joined any society where people celebrate Easter, except only from the movies and my own knowledge. Of course, for this reason, I started to pour my roommate with questions, as I do in every subject. What is the importance of Easter? How is it celebrated in your country? Do you eat a lot like the Italians? These eggs are not really eggs, aren’t they?

    And maybe tons of more pointless questions that I can’t think of right now. It was a unique happiness for me that my dear friend answered my questions with great enthusiasm and even offered to paint “real eggs” with me as they did in her own country, we could not paint pleasantly because we could not find the natural dyes we needed here. The package that my friend’s mother sent us all the way from “Lithuania” will give us a second easter, obviously, we are still waiting.

    But it did not end with these, of course, chocolates and colored eggs were just the package part. I didn’t discover this until the time we were invited to the Easter lunch. Even though the warnings of the people around us were that “you better diet before Easter, you will have to rest and eat again during Easter etc” I always thought, “Oh, Italians always eat too much !!” I can’t lie. I thought they were still exaggerating somehow until I sat down at the table and my plate was full for the fourth time. I don’t remember much afterwards, I guess I stopped resisting and tried to eat what was in front of me by just focusing on breathing. My favorite dish was the ”Il Benedetto”, which traditionally symbolizes fertility and rebirth, and was decorated with egg and salumiere varieties. The fact that the people here are still trying to keep their traditions alive and experiencing it here with them has taken its place in my photo gallery for now as one of the unforgettable moments for me, of course, I took the photo of everything. I hope that I can share everything with you in detail on my personal blog that I will create in the last months and we will share a taste tour together. That’s all for now, I have no doubt that the remaining two months will be delicious but without a holiday.