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European Young ESCapists – Vaida’s Seventh Month


    Yellow is the new Freedom
    and the riot of artichokes
    February is the coldest month in Lithuania. However, it is also the month of our freedom (February 16th is the Independence Day for Lithuanians) and of love. Those two days were celebrated differently here in Italy. The first colour of our flag, yellow, suddenly became the real sign of freedom and food was the best way to share some love. So, this seventh month’s article will talk about two new ways to celebrate and to be joyful. 
    Love comes first! The entire Valentine’s month was filled with delectable food. Our beloved Mensa ladies taught us amazing things that are enriching Italian cuisine. One day was dedicated just for artichokes! Before that time, I have never tried them. But here we cooked them in five different ways just in half of the day. Artichokes with eggs, stuffed artichokes, artichokes in the dough, artichokes in the jar… Who could have known these beautiful flowers might become such great dishes? Now I just have to pray that next winter some of the artichokes will reach Lithuania and I will be able to refresh my memory as well as recreate the taste.
    Despite artichokes, we also had a day of sfrisciullo. It is like a red Italian paradise. Fresh and marinated tomatoes, a bit of garlic, four different types of sausages along with special sweet olives came on one plate to make the best celebration for my stomach. Every taste is worth the sin! Moreover then, what to talk about the giant Italian bread. You actually use it to “clean out” your plate, because the sauce of the dish is always the most delicious.
    With love should come the freedom. This time it’s yellow! Puglia finally became the yellow zone and we could have started to travel a bit outside of Orta Nova. My flatmate and I celebrated it by going to Foggia and Incoronata to take a walk and have the picnic in the nature. After all those months spent home, it is was a really thrilling experience. Inspired by this little trip, we decided not to stop and see a little bit more of this beautiful Puglia.
    We packed our backpacks and went to Bosco Paduli. There we saw the cascades, snow and a little waterfall. Of course, the picnic was a must, so this freedom was again mixed with some exquisite food. Then we visited Trani and enjoyed the view of the sea. In addition, the cathedral is really breath taking there. Last, but not least, we went somewhere close to Biccari to sit on the biggest bench in Puglia. 
    February is such a special month. Full of artichokes and happy yellow.