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European Young ESCapists – Sumeyye’s Seventh Month

    Breaking news! Puglia has become ”Zona Gialla”

    Finally, with the happiness of being able to go somewhere after months, I can say that I did not understand how this month passed. There are times when my volunteering life during the covid period brings along such unexpected excitements, which can seem dark to everyone, a little depressive when viewed from the outside (let’s be sincere, sometimes it even seems static to me). Isn’t it strange, just last year this time when it seemed like freedom to stay home while not yet in quarantine and we were able to choose to stay home with our will, we now feel trapped. Anyway, I intend to talk about good things more this month. As I mentioned, it was possible to travel this month as they change the color of the region we are in, although it is compulsory. My town may be surrounded by wonderful fields, but please, I can’t lie, I missed seeing the sea.

    Although the sixth month of my volunteering is a bit late to discover this information, it was inevitable that as soon as I learned that there was a bus from town to the train station, my feet would grab me and find myself somewhere every weekend. Barletta, my dear Trani ..

    In my language, the word ”Orta” means “being in the middle, a description of the position of the thing surrounded”. Sometimes I also think of myself surrounded by beauty in the middle of the area where I live now, to be able to jump on a train and leave the whole fog screen behind you in half an hour when you are bored, and sometimes do this without even paying the train ticket fee (I don’t lie, sometimes they don’t come to check, so what do we do at the train station? no ticket sales, peh!) gives me a lot of pleasure. But I expanded my travels one click this month, for example to see “Sant Agata”, who declared itself as the queen of the region on the top of the mountains, in the snow, to enjoy the view by taking a hot chocolate from the bar while shaking my cold hands. How much I missed the understated happiness of these little moments. The next week, me and my roommate said, ” Let’s have a girl-to-girl day like in the old days ”, we put each other on the gas, leave our pajamas at home for a day, dress up, and treat ourselves with a nice coffee and dessert in Trani. The fact that some places are a little more elegant in every respect, sometimes it definitely helps you to remember yourself before quarantine, I think this part is more valid if you are a woman. And lastly, I ended this month with my tour to Gole di Accadia, as I will not be missing out on natural beauties, no matter how urban people I am. Although this waterfall is difficult to find, and although people sent us here and there and confused our way, the view we finally found clearly explained to me why these people did not want to send us there. Jealousy! I do not know any other metropolitan person who would not be captivated by beauty. 

    In short, a few sunsets, hot chocolate and focaccia eaten on the road this month seemed like medicine to me after months. I’ve missed the days when life seemed so bright, I hope my remaining months will pass like this. Now I want to target Northern Italy. Do you think it’s a dream? We’ll see.