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European Young ESCapists – Vaida’s Second Month

    “Melo kojos trumpos” / “Lie has short legs”
    – Lithuanian proverb

    A strange Lithuanian proverb is buzzing in my head. Not because I miss my country (which of course I do), but because I have realised there is something that has really long legs. And it means it can run fast! This new edition of Usain Bolt is nothing else but time. It seems I just closed my eyes and opened it again, seeing the whole month passing. Like one short moment! One blink. And here I say goodbye for September.

    It was an extraordinary month, even though it ran fast. We welcomed it by the weekend trip to Calabria. One weekend created the life-time memories. Living in a small town surrounded by the mountains, eating local food and meeting inspiring people, enjoying breath-taking nature views, – could someone ask for more? We were sitting together around the fire and singing the songs I could not actually sing. We were exploring the lost paths and creating new trails. So far, the deepest footprints were left in my heart. 

    As the days were passing by, it did not take long to join other activities. We were guests on the “Smart graduation” event and had a chance to meet the freshly-baked graduates. Young minds – brave minds. After wishing good luck with their new steps, we delved into different experiences ourselves and this month I had a chance to meet agricultural events too! Planting broccoli? Check! Vendemmia? Check! Even though, instead of manual grape picking I was dedicated to driving a tractor.
    One of the greatest life time experiences became Role-Playing game event. From then, I am not
    just Vaida. Occasionally, I am Vardana – my inspiring fictional character that plays lute, sings, fights with monster and does other great things the real me could only imagine. Even though the role-playing game is awesome, the best part there was…people! We say all songs are about love. But love is all about…people! So, it is always the same net leading to the same knot at its end.
    I am ending up this month with my inner Faust shouting out his line “If ever I to the moment shall say: Beautiful moment, do not pass away!”. And already looking for a way to shrink those long legs of 
    the time. May it stop run and start walking.