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European Young ESCapists – Sumeyye’s Second Month

    And I realize that I have completed another month, exactly as I write these lines, without noticing how quickly the time I spent here is decreasing.

    Volunteering in Orta Nova, being in Italy, volunteering and being in another country … Maybe the fact that even all these titles are separated within themselves helps me to explain how the days I spend here feel different day by day.

    I can say that after the excitement, innovation, some loss and cute disruptions related to this loss in the first month, I started to feel even more belonging here in the second month. Now when I get bored, I was thinking about where I can jump and spend time closest, where I can go when I have a nice pizza, and my feet have already started to take me to the places I used to. One of my biggest habits may be to take advantage of the good weather in Trani. As someone who grew up close to the sea, I cannot tell you how important it was for me to have this chance.

    The human brain and soul record memories very distinctly, but fortunately, photos are not. That’s why I take lots of pictures while I’m here. Yes, I am volunteering in another country in the middle of the pandemic, and sometimes even in general, there are some restrictions in our lives, but when people want to do something, they always find a way to spend time well.

    Or maybe my way of spending time is metamorphosed because I am in the Puglia Region and I am very happy with it. For example, I spent one of my weekends this month having a picnic at Monte Saint Angelo. It was very enjoyable.

    In addition to traveling, we started helping Brigida and Maria in Mensa with my other volunteer friend Vaida this month as part of our volunteering activities. Personally, as I am a person who enjoys being in the kitchen, I always try to find clues about local delicacies while helping them. At this point, I have to mention Vinocotto. Since it needs to be boiled for hours, I can guarantee that the taste you get at the end of a preparation period that requires a lot of patience is worth it.

    As a result, I am getting more and more used to being here as the days are chasing each other and I enjoy it a lot. I am very impatient to watch this unique experience transform over the next eight months. With love from Central Nova!