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European Young ESCapists – la quarantena di Vaida


    In the land of three colours (green-white-red), I have started my journey with a pale obstacle. This extraordinary 14-days long obstacle has a name which is so popular in the world now that any celebrity could not compete with it. Not even Madonna. If you are thinking about Miss (or Mr, the gender is not defined) Quarantine, you are more than right. After a short moment of freedom, I went to self-isolation again. This time in another country. Those 14-days came like very different colours to me with their own beauty and character. And you should meet them all! So here it comes, the diary of quarantine colours.

    1 DAY. WHITE

    Whenever you are just starting your life, you get a blanc paper and preparing to fill it with experiences and vivid colours. This is exactly how the first day met me – giving me a white board to paint it with very new opportunities. So I am taking the pallet to my hands.


    The second day when I woke up, I have realised the sky here in Italy is so blue! As well as it is my only one limit here. Wrapped with this new attitude (and with the greatest light blue sky above) I went to do my very first task – set the home rule contract with my flatmate.

    3 DAY. TEAL

    The day is still blue but already ready to turn into green – this is how we get this teal. With this very serious colour I was writing the first article about my arrival to Orta Nova.

    4 DAY. GREEN

    There is no better colour when it comes to gardening! And this was a real task of the day. When the freedom finally comes to us, we will meet it with the bouquet of basilic (and some parsley in the middle).

    5 DAY. PINK

    The new week started with the same pink glasses – or pink clouds we want to chase as our dreams. With the hopes of great changes, that day me and my flatmate were drawing portraits of each other – on the paper and in our hearts.

    6 DAY. GREY

    The day to start learning Italian was marked by the colour grey (without 50 or at least 1 shade). I realised that I am not good in Italian (white) neither bad (black) – I am just empty as the colour grey.

    7 DAY. GOLD

    You may say it is just a shiny yellow, but even so, it shines so bright when you are thinking it is a half of your lockdown. Halfway to your freedom. 50 % of happiness is here – time to shine!


    Violet is the magical colour! So, I have asked her to bring witchery powers and help me to create an idea for my own project I could do in Orta Nova. The spell spread and I ended up with 3 ideas instead of 1.

    9 DAY. RED

    There is no particular reason for this day to be red, except of the vivid logo we have designed. “Let’s run together” they say “but with some love” then adds. And here we are running in our isolated quarantine space. Red says faster!

    10 DAY. BLUE

    Today we supposed to make a travel plan but all we could do was dress up with blue. Sadness is not the best friend but it is a common visitor when you are locked in. A Lithuanian song “Baby blue” had a chance to be played on repeat though.

    11 DAY. BROWN

    Another day to get back to earth! Which, beside being so green, has a perfect brown shade. We said hello to the plants we have and kindly asked herbs to grow faster – we need to add them to the pasta.

    12 DAY. ORANGE

    Healthy as oranges, today we were trying to remember as many energizers and games as our experience could let us to recall. And active as an amazing orange basketball ball we promised for each other to play funny Lithuanian game “Hot Potatoes” (I swear, we see potatoes everywhere!).

    13 DAY. BEIGE

    The sand on the beach has magical powers – cuddled by the sea, all sorrows marked on it, might be washed away. Today we were decorating the table and preparing to meet the very last day of quarantine

    14 DAY. BLACK

    The last day of quarantine is black. It is not because it is sad to leave the house. Just turn to physics and remember that black is basically the set of ALL other colours. Those colours, that painted my quarantine.