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Call Erasmus+ Youth Exchange a Funchal, Portogallo – 22/05- 28/05 – 2022


    Nuova opportunità di partecipazione in un progetto Erasmus+ con Beyond Borders: Youth Exchange “Fantastic 5”
    Posti disponibili per: 7 partecipanti (18-30) + 1 group leader (18+);
    Dove: a Funchal, Madeira, Portogallo;
    Date: dal 22 maggio al 28 maggio 2022;

    Descrizione del progetto: 
    “The Fantastic 5” it is a youth exchange that was created during our participation with a group of young people in another youth exchange in Slovenia (Youth Empowerement) in August 2019. It began with informal conversations between the young participants from the different entities, which after some time got through the responsible entities themselves. These were very relevant conversations, regarding
    socio-political, economy, international mobility and cultural diversity, and how these all influence the youth’s way of perceiving and learning each other’s cultural differences.
    The project started with 5 partners, on which we decided to associate a principle for each partner that would lead to good learning practices and cultural understanding, these principals being: Respect, Tolerance, Solidarity, Communication and Cooperation.
    The focus of this project is the importance of raising awareness about different cultures, customs and the benefits of good information and education for the personal and social development of young people, in order to prevent intolerance behaviors towards people of different origins.
    We believe that, with this project, we’ll contribute for an improvement regarding the cultural intolerance through experience, as in “learn by doing”.
    Main Objectives
    – Empower young people to promote their culture;
    – Providing young people with new ways of getting to know cultures and ways of life;
    – Promote self-reflection;
    – Promoting solidarity and tolerance among youth groups;
    – Promote contact with different cultures (in loco);
    – Discover new cultures/customs;
    – Promoting tolerance and greater social cohesion;
    – Inclusion of young people with fewer opportunities;
    – Show that despite the distance between the participating countries, they share
    similar customs and traditions;
    – Breaking down existing prejudices against other cultures and religions (which are
    often the triggers for intolerable and violent behaviors);
    – Show that different customs, traditions, gastronomy and the like should be reasons
    to make people comfortable, break the ice and connect them with others;
    – Promote dialogue and cultural exchange;
    – Show that Europe wants to be united by cultural diversity.
    Requisiti: Aver raggiunto la maggiore età, essere interessati alle tematiche del progetto. 
    Lingua del progetto: Inglese (si richiede un livello base – intermedio). Non sono richieste certificazioni linguistiche.
    Condizioni economiche: Vitto e alloggio coperti al 100% dall’organizzazione ospitante. Il costo dei biglietti di viaggio sarà rimborsato da parte dell’organizzazione ospitante fino ad un massimo di 530€ a persona. (Le eventuali eccedenze sono a carico del partecipante).
    Il Progetto è realizzato nell’ambito del Programma ERASMUS+ promosso e finanziato dalla Commissione Europea.
    Quota di partecipazione al progetto: 40€, previsti come quota associativa di Beyond Borders (valida per l’anno 2022).
    Candidature chiuse!
    Si prega di inviare l’application solo in caso di reale interesse e in corrispondenza con i requisiti precedentemente descritti.
    Solo i partecipanti selezionati saranno contattati via mail e sono invitati a confermare la propria partecipazione via mail entro i termini concordati con l’associazione.

    Per ulteriori informazioni: