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European Young ESCapists – Sumeyye’s Fifth Month

    And I can tell you it was the brightest month for me ever. In every sense!

    It was already Christmas, when his excitement from last month was warming up. The sumptuous Panettones and Pandoros in big boxes that were starting to fill the market shelves are all kinds of drinks and candies. And I was the one who looks at them curiously from afar.

    Although there are many people from various religions in my own Country, since the general religious rule in the country is not Christianity, I have not had much experience of this culture, except for a general decoration for Christmas and a few decorations, so I started asking my housemate everything one by one from the beginning of the month. After all, even if we were both apart from our countries, we were here together and if there was a holiday, it should definitely be celebrated completely.

    It was time to make all the Christmas movies I’ve seen and everything I’ve seen come true. In Mensa, where we work throughout the month, lots of Cartellates, local dolcets, hesitant conversations about the Christmas dinner menus in the kitchen and many more…

    If the subject comes to the Christmas atmosphere in our home, we prepared a Christmas calendar with the suggestion of my dear housemate and we had Christmas activities that we can spend this process every day until the Christmas date. Cookies, Christmas movies, letter to Santa Claus ..

    Later, I learned that in Lithuania, Christmas Eve is considered more important than any other day, so we have to prepare a big meal. I was surprised when I heard that at least 12 kinds of food should be eaten in order to bring luck and abundance in their culture, luckily, drinks are included. During the day, while my housemate was preparing something, I tried to get all the red stuff I found around.

    Because I’m a junkie and I love things like that. Red table napkins, table candles, small decorative pieces. It can be said that I attacked everything I found around like I was five years old. And at the end of the day, by the way we never consumed any meat or animal products during the day, I was enchanted by the table in front of me. Various kinds of fish, various snacks, pink drinks and Lithuanian ravioli, which is already my favorite…

    Now, although I have to go on a diet to lose the weight I gain from this meal and spending Christmas in Italy, I am quite happy to have experienced this unforgettable Christmas adventure and atmosphere here.

    The last month of the year must have been quite active, I am already full of good energies for the next year and I am looking forward to the months ahead.