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European Young ESCapists – Sumeyye’s Fourth Month

    And november…

    For some reason, I’ve always begun to feel excited since November. Maybe it’s just before the new year, maybe.

    The fact that November is the subject of many poems and books also impressed me without my knowledge. And now this thrill is another  I’m tasting in the country.

    Most shops are closed due to the pandemic, we spend most of our time at home, etc. Although his thoughts bore me to the second week of this month.

    We started to leave this air slowly. As a result, this time we were experienced, and maintaining our mental health is also our body health we knew it was as important. I cannot pass without thanking my roommate who helped me in this matter. This month, apart from mensa and caritas, we tried to cook dishes belonging to our own cultures from time to time during our time at home. Definitely when I come back to my own country.

    I am sure I will cook Lithuanian Ravioli (Cepelinai), I already promised my mother. When we find the opportunity to eat, we usually try to motivate ourselves to watch movies and exercise.

    I can say we worked. Everyone has a quarantine style, after all, isn’t it, ours is to devote ourselves to food for one day and to try to exercise as if nothing had happened the next day.

    Even though there was a travel ban, I had the opportunity to explore some parts of Orta Nova that I had not been to before, as we could move around the center and its surroundings.

    Actually, I feel lucky to be able to fill myself with some peace by walking through the vineyards surrounding the town and some fields.

    In summary, I am excitedly waiting for December, with the lightness of being relieved of my depressions that I started to feel towards the end of last month. Really for the first time I look forward to this period as I will see the Christmas celebration and traditions.