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European Young ESCapists – Vaida’s First Month

    September 1st, 2020

    Orta Nova, Italy

    Dear Diary,

    My sincere apologies, I haven’t been writing to you for years! Well, they say “for ages” but I want to be more accurate. You, of course, want to know why I have abandoned you. Probably, some good things require inspiration and devotion which was lost but now finally stepped back to my life. Driven by changes, I dare to leave these black stains upon you, known as words, in order to tell you about my first month experience in Italy. Sit back, relax – our journey begins now.

    It all started with the flight. Landed in Rome Ciampino airport, I felt like a kid who is just a step away from the lollipop. Since Rome is my favourite city in the world, it was such a pity to be close but at the same time so far, without ability to visit it. “Next time” I promised myself and took a bus to Orta Nova, my new home.

    Welcomed by my new team, I have locked myself for two weeks. Mandatory! Please, do not think it was my own decision. Anyway, safety comes first and during these foggy times, it was good to proof myself and the world that I am healthy. Especially, when I haven’t been spending my time alone. I got the new sister! Maybe we don’t share the same blood (neither the same country), but we wrapped ourselves with the same experiences and from this point, our destinies were tied up.

    The isolation had long legs and could run fast – I barely noticed these two weeks. Especially when we had inspiring and creative tasks to accomplish. My favourite one? I have no idea. But maybe it’s better not to know than try to choose which star in the sky shines the brightest. When the cage opened up and I could get into freedom, I have probably reminded Gollum. Just a little bit taller and darker. But same level weird!

    Freedom was accompanied by welcoming days in organisation and the town. It didn’t take long to start feeling like I belong to Orta Nova. As I have expected, people here are the biggest treasure. Open and strong community surrounded us with care and friendliness, with values I will never be able to forget. Especially, when there is no reason to forget the greatest gifts life provide us with.

    Would you like to know what else came with freedom? Travelling! Even though my clock is ticking fast and free minutes are counted, I had a chance to spend my weekends in different places. Honestly, they are all close to the beach. But as the summer is about to end, I had to catch the last rays of sun. The biggest impression so far came from Bari. Actually, this trip was on the last weekend of summer! And so many miracles remained undiscovered. So, I crossed my heart with a hope to come back. Not only to this city, but to you, my dear diary, too.